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Translations for Clinical Research.

Clinical trials rely on effective communication, and I strive to provide accurate, culturally sensitive, and regulatory-compliant translations into Spanish of all documents presented to patients, making sure policies and procedures for the protection of human research subjects are complied.

The documents I usually translate include:

  • Clinical Study Protocol + Amendments
  • Investigator’s Brochure
  • Consent Documents (ICFs, etc.)
  • Case Report Forms
  • Safety Reports
  • Patient Information Handbook
  • Therapy Manuals
  • Participant Recruitment Advertisements
  • Clinical Study Reports
  • Participant Diaries

My work is trusted by major Life Sciences Companies, Medical and Pharmaceutical Research Companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs).



Based on my previous training and experience and a continuous training in the Life Science field

I provide a comprehensive coverage for several medical and pharmaceutical translation needs with high level of accuracy.


The documents I translate include:

Articles, Case Report Forms (CRFs), Clinical Trial Synopsis and Documentation (Informed Consent/HIPAA/Assent Forms), Common Technical Documents (CTDs), EMA & FDA marketing authorization applications ,

Health Authorities' opinions, approvals and authorizations, Healthcare educational material , Investigator Brochures, Manuals, Marketing collateral, MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet, Packaging/Labeling,

Patient Records, Patient Diary/Event Log, Pharmaceutical Product Information, Pharmacovigilance Material, Presentation Materials, Print Materials, Protocols and Training courses and video scripts.




I provide translation of patent applications, all kinds of prior art, including published patents, scientific and technical articles, also office actions, appeals/responses to opposition, licensing agreements, and documents for patent filings and litigation work.

My translations have been successfully submitted to Patent Offices of Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, México, Venezuela, Uruguay, among other Latin American countries. I ensure timely delivery of files well in advance of official filing deadlines and full compliance with industry regulations to protect your IP portfolio.

"I have over 12 years of translation experience in the Intellectual Property field"


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