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María Inés Meirelles

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When you produce valuable work, you’d probably like to reach wide-ranging, interested audiences

but giving your work to just anybody to translate may result in misconceptions and misunderstandings. That’s why it is worth choosing your partners wisely.

I’m a specialised, technical translator with over 10 years of experience of translating medicine, technology, law and science.
With a solid background of specialist knowledge, I am a partner for your scientific translations.

Spanish Translation Lab
I have found María Inés to be committed to providing quality translation service in a timely manner. I am always impressed with her accuracy, flexibility, speed in delivery and the extra effort she expends in providing exceptional translation deliverables.
Karen Hodgson
CEO of Translationz

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My aim with the Spanish Translation Lab is to clearly and accurately translate your scientific message into Spanish, so that you can be absolutely sure that your audience understands the knowledge you want to share.

Thanks to over 10 years of translating patents, medical documentation, legal documents and scientific research, I provide an extremely high level of service, vast knowledge of specialist terminology and timely delivery of your files.


María Inés Meirelles

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